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Enough Already! Making Sense of Senseless Loss

Enough Already! Making Sense of Senseless Loss"The past year has been one of tremendous loss for my family. Seven people in our circle of family and friends have passed away. Some were expected (inevitable due to illness), others unexpected, but each one filled us full of deep grief and loss. A few months ago, several days after experiencing the loss of a dear friend, we were sitting at breakfast and I said to my wife, "Haven't we had enough death in our lives this year? Why is this happening to us?" In her usual kind and loving voice, she said, "I know, I wonder about that too. But we didn't do anything to create these losses, but perhaps there is something in the experience for us to learn. The trick is figuring that out.

3 Steps to Say Goodbye to Old Beliefs that Keep You Stuck

3 Steps to Say Goodbye to Old Beliefs that Keep You Stuck"We all have beliefs about how things “should” be and as time goes on sometimes those beliefs don’t come to fruition. Maybe you thought prince charming would come sweep you off your feet only to find yourself sifting through profiles on the various internet dating sites. Or maybe you thought your family should all get along only to find old feuds turning into grudges with the other side unwilling to communicate. Or maybe life should be fair and it turns out it’s not. Whatever it is at some point we may have to face the grief over the loss of that belief. Here are 3 steps to grieve old beliefs.

More on Sleep: Students and Grades

More on Sleep: Students and Grades"It is well known that a good night's sleep is important to healthy functioning the next day. That includes being able to focus attention on lectures, labs, reading and studying.

The Brain in a Bucket

The Brain in a Bucket"Until very recently, the brain was like the weather: you could care about it all you wanted, but you couldn't do a thing about it. But new brain imaging technologies like functional MRI's have revolutionized neuropsychology much as the invention of the microscope transformed biology. According to Dr. Alan Lesher, CEO of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, our knowledge of the brain has doubled in the past twenty years.

Children and Sleep Problems

Children and Sleep Problems"If you are a parent of children who are ages three to five years old you need to be aware of new information published by the Journal of Pediatrics. The study that was published showed that watching television.

Clear Away the Mental Clutter

Clear Away the Mental Clutter"A few days ago while waking up in the morning I found myself automatically drawn to making my morning coffee, checking the email on my phone and running through my unending to-do list in my mind. Right beside me sat my 2 year old little boy playing as I sipped my warm drink. A thought popped in my mind, “Why are you going through all your mental clutter when you could be enjoying your coffee and this sweet moment with your little boy next to you?” “Good question,” I replied to myself as I put down the phone and tuned into the morning. We all have mental clutter; it’s the default state of our minds nowadays with the endless amount of “to-do’s,” that we can’t seem to get away from. Unfortunately, when we’re caught up in our mental clutter, we don’t focus as.


Depression & Panic Disorders: Jennifer’s Story

Depression & Panic Disorders: Jenniferís Story"If you ever felt depressed, listen to Jennifer's story and advice for you. Watch her speak about the ways she deals with her depression and how it helps her.