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Preventive Herbal Health & Enhancing Health Measures

Online health consultation is rooted in the concept of preventive medicine or preventive measures for boosting health is not new. Ayurvedic medicine emphasizes on prevention of disease as well as its management equally.

There are many other holistic resources that can enhance health and prevent diseases like yoga, reiki and panchakarma therapy etc. Each of the approach is working and effective in its own ways.

Presently we have vaccination, vitamins, herbal and mineral and food supplements for this purpose. These supplements are physical entity and their use is quite simple unlike other more involving holistic approach.

Plus the effect can be targeted upon a particular or general part of body. Suppose a child has the disposition for catching frequent cold, cough, running nose, sore throat. The herbal supplements can work to improve his condition both specifically and in general sense.

So we are sharing some area where you can benefit by enhancing your health and preventing the disease.


Online Health Consultation For Infants And Enhancing Their Health:

Infants are the children in their first year. This is the most tender and sensitive year of life. Infants can be helped in these areas for online health consultation.

  1. Liver Supplements for hepatoprotective action.
  2. Appetizers And Anti-Flatulence.
  3. Good Bowel Habits.
  4. Massaging delicately with special herbal oils for proper growth and development.
  5. Supplements to lessen dentition related troubles.
  6. Building general immunity with herbal  and ayurvedic mineral supplements.


Online Health Consultation For Children And Enhancing Health:

This condition applies to children aged two to 10 or 12 years of age for online health consultation.

  1. Liver Supplements for hepatoprotective action
  2. Appetizers And Anti-Flatulence
  3. Good Bowel Habits
  4. Massaging delicately with special herbal oils for proper growth and development
  5. Supplements to lessen dentition related troubles
  6. Building general immunity with herbal  and ayurvedic mineral supplements.
  7. Memory Boosting Herbal Supplements that support brain functions.


Online Health Consultation Near Puberty And Adolescence:

Puberty is the stage of development of secondary sexual characters in both boys and girls. Puberty changes occur during 10-14 years of age. Both boys and girls do need something at this stage for.

  1. Girls do need extra support and care during this age. The starting of menstruation can be painful for many girls and they need to handle this situation with additional support emotionally as well as with herbal supplements. Herbal supplements can make this transition comfortable resulting in regular and less painful menstruation and good general health.
  2. Boys are at ease comparatively to girls during this period. However most boys do need educational and slight emotional support for changes during this period. It might be for guilt or apprehension for nocturnal emissions and quality sex education.
  3. Most of the boys are girls are anxious about their height and weight. Those with poor height gain want to try so many therapies. However only a very small percentage with some hormonal anomalies need medical care for gaining height at this age. Gaining height and weight should be optimal.
  4. Boys and girls who are lean and thin and underweight and who have some chronic disease should consider some herbal and ayurvedic supplements. Herbal kingdom offers plenty of them suitable for their various needs.
  5. Another concern that consumes youngsters is skin care or acne. Most of youngsters do need for skin only good general health supported by nutritious diet only. Don't we often see some one with glowing and radiating skin with pink cheeks?
  6. Most boys and girls do need supplements to promote memory and concentration and support brain functions. This area can't be and shouldn't be ignored especially during exam times.


Online Health Consultation For Young Men And Women (20-30) And Enhancing Their Health:

Most of working men and women who are aged 20 to 30 years do need some supplements even though their health is at its peak.

  1. Herbal and ayurvedic supplements should be taken for general health every year. Some ayurvedic supplements like Chyavanprasha is prepared to be taken throughout the year. At least one should use them for two and three months in a year.
  2. Many young men and women fall prey to stress during this age due to hectic schedules, over work. The bad consequences might not be felt immediately but this kind of imbalance and disharmony continued over months or years will affect the health later.
  3. Sexually active persons, or better to say, married persons should consider taking some herbal supplements to maintain their sexual and general health. It is better to take these supplements during winter season.


Online Health Consultation For Men And Women (30-40) & Enhancing Their Health:

This is the age during which we become victim to 'Civilization Born Diseases" rather 'modern epidemics'. The most common disorders are hypertension, diabetes and stress.

We need to modify our lifestyle, diet, exercise and supplements so that we could lead a healthier life. Nowadays many health checkups are also a routine and we should get their benefit.

Diseases that occurred previously during fifties like stroke and heart attack are common in forties presently. This is a grave condition that should be handled with initiative, informed choice and good holistic consultation.

One should adopt the above mentioned suggestions with online health consultation.


Online Health Consultation For Men And Women (40-50) Enhancing Their Health:

This is the age period when diabetes and hypertension develop in most individuals and they can lead to complications like heart attack and stroke.

Even otherwise normal persons should go for health checkups like diabetic profile, hypertension profile, cholesterol profile and renal profile in consultation with their family physician. Earlier recognition and management is the key to avoid drastic consequences.

We can take herbal supplements like terminalia arjuna for cardiac health, guggul for cholesterol and likewise. Lifestyle changes like yoga and meditation greatly helps during this period if it has not been practiced earlier.

Women do feel menopausal symptoms and they need to be supported with diet and herbs. This transition is sometimes emotionally burdening. Who wants to be called and seen as Old? And it is the ultimate to be feeling old!


Online Health Consultation & Men And Women (50 And Above) Enhancing Their Health:

The pace of life should be active with calmness. One needs to go for frequent health check up and disease management should be followed religiously.

One needs supplements for brain, heart, kidney, prostate and abdomen health. Leading an alert, active and peaceful life is the solution. After retirement, one can enjoy more of social services and spiritual pursuits. We need to feel and live to the saying, "OLD IS GOLD".